Aluminum Tripod –for 1 1/2″ OD mast tube


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TB-1500: Aluminum Tripod –for 1 1/2″ OD mast tube

The Penninger Radio TB-1500 tripod supports a 6′ to 40′ mast to hold an antenna, elevated emergency lighting, or elevated remote control camera. It consists of all aluminum components and stainless steel hardware–no tubing or parts that might rust! With proper use, the Penninger Radio TB-1500 will last a life-time. Unlike most other tripod designs the TB-1500 tripod uses a patented clamping system and bushing that will not scratch or damage your mast.

Innovative American Engineering and Manufacturing:
The TB-1500 has large, flat, triangular feet with pre-drilled mounting holes for either stake mounts, screws or lag bolts. These holes provide the ability to quickly install the tripod directly to the ground, on or any flat surface with ease. When using on black pavement, drywall screws can be used to quickly secure the tripod to the pavement.

— All Aluminum Construction
— Stainless Steel Hardware
— Two Thumbscrew Compression Clamps
— Patented clamping system ensures mast will not twist or move unexpectedly
— Very Stable 48″ Wide Footprint with legs fully extended
— 29.5″ Open Height
— 37.5″ Closed Height
— Pre-Drilled feet for use with screws or ground stakes
— Penninger Radio designs and manufactures all products for commercial, ham, and military applications
— Made in USA

The Penninger Radio TB-1500 securely holds 1.5″ diameter masts, pipes or poles, and the TB-2000 is used for 2″ masts. For other sizes and mounting options see our other tripods here . Penninger Radio tripods are machined for an exact fit so your mast and tripod can even be transported without removing the mast. Attention to detail and precise machining is a specialty at Penninger Radio.


This tripod can be either permanently installed or easily folded to transport. To transport a tall mast in your car or truck this tripod is combined with the Penninger Radio MC-200 Mast Clamps to join together shorter length mast sections transforming into a tall portable mast that is stable and rugged. The resulting joint is actually stronger than a single mast of the joint length. For example, two 5-foot mast sections joined with the MC-200 are stronger than a single 10-foot mast. Our 32 foot mast and clamp package includes four 8-foot mast sections and three MC-200 mast clamps. It’s a great deal for those looking to save cash.

Guying or base-weighting is not required but always recommended for most installations, particularly if the tripod is not secured to the ground. See the aluminum Guy Tension Block. Penninger Radio products are built to last a lifetime.


— Collapsed size: 37 1/4″ tall x 7″ x 7″
— Deployed size: 29″ tall x 52″ circle
— Weight: 7 pounds
— Mast sold separately
— Designed in USA
— American Made