Aluminum “Clamp-It” Mast Clamp, 2″ dia


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MC-200: Mast Clamp –for 2″ OD Tubes

Penninger Radio MC-200 Mast Clamps splice two lengths of mast tubing. Tubes of different OD’s can be spliced with the use of split bushings. The “Mast Clamps” are avaliable in 1 1/2″ OD through 3″ OD sizes. The “Mast Clamp” will clamp a length equal to two diameters on each tube with two bolts per tube. There is an additional center hole for attaching guy lines and a centering view hole. The MC-200 is made from extruded 6061 aluminum and is delivered fully assembled with stainless steel hardware.

Penninger Radio MC-200 Customer Reviews:
Rating: 5/5 Feb 24, 2010
The best!:
Penninger mast clamps, like everything Penninger makes, define quality. The materials are first rate, the design is clean, efficient, and intended to outlast the pyramids, and the build quality is exceptional. They fit perfectly and work perfectly. Add to that the superior customer service and you have a prize-winner.
Rating: 5/5 Nov 13, 2008
Excellent product and service:
I’ve ordered and used his clamps on two occasions this year, each time with special ordered bushings to allow connection of masts with different diameters. The product was first rate as was the service.
Rating: 5/5 Apr 7, 2008
Excellent Craftsmanship:
I have a heavy duty 2 inch fiberglass mast above a 2 inch steel mast on my tower. It is used to support my VHF and UHF beams. While I could have come up with my own sort of clamp to mate the two masts together, the Penninger mast clamp was a much better and simpler solution. It is extremely well-made and rugged. The price was reasonable. It was shipped to me very quickly. It is clear that Penninger takes pride in what they do. I will certainly do business with Penninger again when I need antenna hardware products.

— Designed in USA
— Manufactured in USA
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