35 foot Concrete-mount Tipper™


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This commercial-grade, Penninger Radio concrete-mounted Tipper™ mast mount makes managing large masts and antennas easy. All heavy-duty aluminum and stainless-steel construction insures long-life and rugged performance.

The TC-24 concrete base mount Tipper™ measures 25″ x 5.5″ x 5.5″ and includes a 24″ x 2″ x 1/8″ fold-over tube (starter tube). The starter tube is drilled near the bottom to accommodate the pivot and a top wing nut / bolt stop holds the tube upright for normal use. The base plate is 7″ wide with 3/8″ holes. These corner mounting holes are spaced 5.5″ on centers.

For more rugged applications, an optional 24″ x 2″ x 1/4″ starter tube is available as is our unique, quick-disconnect Snap Tube™ product for the 1/8″ wall tube.

Penninger Radio MC-200 Mast Clamp or Snap Tubes™ provide convenient and durable attachments for your own 2″ mast or vertical antenna. Guy accessories are also available.

Designed specifically to mount directly to concrete pad, deck or other flat surface, 1/2″ pre-drilled holes allow customized installation using 1/2″ J-bolts or threaded rod.

Use also with our HML-24 Trailer Hitch or TT-24 Tire Mounts recommended below for the most rugged portable mast mounts available today!


— 6061 Grade Aircraft Aluminum
— Stainless steel fittings
— One TC-24, Standard concrete mount tipper
— Four AT-2000-125-8, 8 foot mast section
— Four MC-200, mast clamp for 2″ OD mast
— One GC-200, guy clamp for 2″ OD mast
— Made in USA