33-foot Tipper™ Portable Antenna Mast System


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Product: 33 Foot Tipper™ Portable Tire-mount Mast System

This commercial-grade, Penninger Radio Tipper™ mast mount makes managing large masts and antennas easy. The Tipper™ base allows the mast to be assembled horizontally on the ground and then “tipped” into the vertical position on a heavy duty load-bearing pivot. The system is highly portable but still very stable as a result of the tire-mounted Tipper base plate. Simply position a vehicle tire on top of this base plate and the Tipper™ base is completely secure. This unique design simplifies erecting a large 33 foot tall mast by only a single person. It works well with a married person too! All heavy-duty aluminum and stainless-steel construction insures long-life and rugged performance. See how it works with our 33 foot Tipper™ setup video. The mast can support an antenna, camera, or emergency lighting at a height of 33 feet.

Penninger Radio is an American manufacturer of portable masts and permanent pole towers for erecting antennas, lighting, solar panels, wind turbines and surveillance cameras. We’ve been in business since 2003 and are located in West Chicago, Illinois, USA. Our portable products are designed for quick deployment of elevated emergency equipment in the field and emergency preparedness. We manufacture precision machined and fabricated 6061 grade aircraft aluminum products with stainless steel fittings.


System includes everything in the tire mount tipper Tire-mount Tipper™ setup video. Since every installation is different the antenna and coaxial cable are sold separately:
— Three lengths of our 3/16″ guy rope 40 feet long, three 3/4″ x 20″ guy stakes, five 6 foot snap tubes, three guy tension blocks, the Snap Tube™ joiners and slip ring. (one – TT-24ST, four – STJ-200, one – STJS-200, one – SR-200, five – ST-200-6, three – GS-750, three – GTB-250, three – GR-188-40). (the picture shows six – 5′ tubes, but you get five – 6′ tubes)
— Designed in USA
— Made in USA