1 1/2″ hitch mount tipper junior for 2″ receiver


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Product Detail: Hitch Mount Tipper Junior :

The Tipper Jr. is a tipping antenna mast for mounting on a 2″ trailer receiver hitch. A Rugged, Fast, Safe, and Cost effective portable mast mounting solution for antennas, elevated emergency lighting, or elevated remote control cameras.

Following our successful line of “Tipper” portable mounts, the new HMTJ series of Trailer Hitch Mounts is the newest innovation in quick-deployment antenna systems.

Tippers are world-famous for their strength and ease of use. Providing the sturdiest possible base and easy fold-over mount, Penninger Radio Tippers are the best way to mount portable or temporary masts.

To mount a 1 1/2″ mast tube, use the optional Penninger Radio MC-175 Mast Clamps with a reducing slit bushing # B-175-1500-7. These amazing clamps join any 1 1/2″ tube and create a joint stronger than the tubing itself!


— From center of hitch pin to tipper is 7″.
— The tipper junior protrudes 4 1/2″ below the hitch mount.
— All aluminum components with stainless steel bolt sets to last a lifetime
— Designed and Manufactured in USA
— American Sold