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"Tire Mount Tipper"

Future Future Future Future

Our gallery includes both video and pictures of our products.

Below is a picture of the door to

"The Ham Shack"

our brick and mortar store in West Chicago, Illinois.

(now limited to our manufactured products )

Plesae note we have moved two doors down to

915 Atlantic Drive.

Stop in and say "Hello"

Scroll down to see some of the applications of the Penninger Radio products.

Hitch mount Tipper Junior
for 1 1/2", 2.0" or 2 1/2" mast




Left, the concrete mount tipper  TC-24 or TC-24ST for the snap tube version

Center is an example of how two post mount brackets (PMB-200) can be used to mount a mast

Right is the original Tipper Junior, for the current model see the TJ-200



Tipper Junior with snap tube option
mounted on a Jeep front hitch mount

Tipper Junior with snap tube option on Jeep  











The multi band portable antenna system available by special order.

The kit includes The Penninger Radio TB-1500 tripod with three stakes, a 3 foot mounting stub and the

Zero-Five multi band antenna with matching transformer

$ Call for pricing




Custom 2 1/2" od mast drive on tire mount



This is a modified TP-24S-35 package made for Array Solutions

it has an additional 4 feet of fiberglass at the top with a pulley block assembly (PBA-200) to hoist up a wire or dipole.  Total height of the system is 38.5 feet.


Field day 2010, TB-200 tripod and 6 sections of 6 foot snap tube.
Holding up a 6 meter beam, 2m/440 vertical and using a PBA-200
pulley block assembly to hoist up a dipole.



This system is by special order, it uses a 4 way back stay cable assembly to greatly increase the free standing load capability. 

This system is in service in Florida holding 60+ lbs (the load is not shown as it is proprietary to the customer). 

The masting is all 2" od x 1/4" wall 6061-T6 aluminum. 

Because of the weight, it can not be tipped up on it's own, a bucket truck was used to pull the assembly to vertical,

then the lower cables were attached to the base and tensioned.

this customer has four units on their farm now with 3 more coming in Dec. 2011. 






The Tipper Junior, TJ-200 bolted to a 4" x 4" post